Otto III

Otto III
   German king from 983, and western emperor (q.v.) from 996-1002; son of Otto II and Theophano (qq.v.). His mother insured that he was instilled with a profound respect for Byzantine civilization. His dream was to create a revival of the ancient Roman Empire (Renovatio Imperii Romanorum), to which end he sought to make Rome (q.v.), where he was crowned western emperor, his capital. He adopted Byzantine court ceremonial and titles, and he called himself Imperator Romanorum. He continued his predecessors policy of asserting his supremacy over the papacy (q.v.) by rejecting the Donation of Constantine (q.v.). During the last years of his reign he had the support of his tutor Gerbert, whose installation as Pope Sylvester II (999-1003) he arranged. Amid dreaming of renovatio the reality of death intervened. At age 22 he died suddenly, while negotiating for a Byzantine bride.

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